Image by artist: Stuart Nielsen,  36" diameter concave aluminum sculpture

Creative Strategies - Sensible Solutions

Anderson Arts provides creative consultation and direct collaboration on:  

  • Advising: Artists, Gallerists, Collectors, Designers, Architects
  • Mentoring: Studio Visits, Portfolio Development, Dialogues, Statements,                              
  • Curating: Exhibitions, Installations, Collections                                                                                      
  • Consulting: Museums, Foundations, Galleries, Collectors,                                                                              
  • Writing: Articles, Essays, Editing   
  • Agent: For professional inquiries, establishing provenance, arranging representation
  • Installations of all types of art work: Contact for information/details

We work with Designers and Architects and Creative Agencies
We collaborate with design clients on selecting artworks for homes and businesses
We review sites for outdoor works, make location and site recommendations and have associations with creative agencies, designers, architects, installations specialists, as well as rigging crews and crane operators for large scale sculpture and public art projects.