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Stuart Nielsen:      On Recent Works


Stuart Nielsen's creative works ponder the temporal thoughts and territories that have evaded most of us as we pursue our daily lives. Powerful and engaging, his works emerge from the distant edges of beauty, memory and cultural experience. They're at once familiar but enigmatic; a fusion of contemporary and seemingly ancient images, that stay with you long after the first glimpse. Their impenetrable, elegant silence draws the viewer back to them again and again.


Fragments of a global cultural landscape inhabit his studio along side microscopic images derived from nature's organizational matrix. Re-presenting these disparate sources, he transforms patterns and images into deeply meditative and personal abstract compositions. The dynamic tension felt in the divisions of space and manipulations of figure and ground, color juxtapositions and the relationship of elemental proportions to the whole are central to these works.

 Alchemy is also at the center of these creative works. Few other artists have studied and mastered more creative techniques, then successfully completed artworks ranging from gold leafed paintings to huge granite sculptures elegantly emerging from the earth before an urban façade of architectural glass and steel.


Always an abstractionist with a formalist's approach to clarity, Nielsen's recent works evoke a myriad of visual and sensually immersive experiences. They capture the casual viewer with a strong presence, immediately engaging the eye and the mind. Familiar from the deepest levels of memory, his iconic images provide the viewer a momentary place of refuge in a world of constant chatter.

Craig Anderson, January 2016

Primary representation:       Additional works beyond those seen here are available in a variety of sizes and media..

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